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288 Deaths is a platformer where the goal is to complete 18 levels by jumping over holes,being careful with feature of switching blocks or spikes,trying your best to complete the level before a specific kind of block wich can be noticed by their color desapirs,geting all the hearts to minimaze the number of deaths,

choosing your upgrades and making of your shortcuts wiesly because every single one of them makes your number of deaths incrase AND not dieing 288

times.So for short pass 18 levels before dying 288 times.


-SPACE:to change blocks (and after geting the blue heart even spikes).

-L:use it next to the big white thing to go to the next level.

-ENTER:to make shortcut adds 10 deaths(if you make more than 2 then only the new one will stay and the other will be destroyed).

-"+":to go to the shortcut.

-ARROW KEYS:nobody is that dumb to not know what they do.


project the real first one.exe 3 MB

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